Nothing Left Unsaid

by splitknuckle

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Recorded & mixed by Ryan Monteith (check CB6) all songs/lyrics written by Joey Drake, Liam McCarthy & Matt Bullis


released August 14, 2014



all rights reserved


splitknuckle UK

5-piece hardcore/beatdown with a metal edge

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Track Name: Unwanted Opinions

Attention matters so much to you
Plaster your flesh on the net
Covered up with "equality"
Seeking fame every chance you get
Doesn't make you bold to share that shit
Nor does it make you brave
Infact it's quite pathetic to see
How you choose to express yourself today

I suppose I am quick to judge
Clearly a deeper problem here
You're insecure, you try to seek attention
This ain't a cure ain't nowhere near

Efforts so clearly wasted
Try prove who you aren't on the net
For those seeking fame and attention
This is the closest chance you get
You have the right to make choices
I don't agree with them
You cannot be telling yourself
This is how it's meant to be

Water down your personality
Made to think that all of this is necessary
Someone else goes around posting shit they get called out
I think you're fucking stupid, I'm not the only one

I don't understand this
I never claimed that
I just want you to see
That you are a massive twat
Track Name: Closure
You will never mean a thing to anyone
For all the shit things you've done
Try take our home from us
Hit my sister and beat my mum
Too young to do something then
But nearly strong enough now
Got to the point that I don't care
Just wanna make you die somehow

No way that it's over and done with
Still affects me to this day
Ruined so many things through lack of guidance
Just want you to go away
Hit so many things imagining they are your face

Is violence the answer?
I really wouldn't know
My mother has taught me
but there's only so far she can go

The tables are turning, you'll get what you deserve

You will never see me coming
Open you up like a fucking magazine
In your final moments I'll make you realise
How my father should've been

Blade ready to end your fucking life, a long time coming

I won't get the answers
Searching for my whole life
Give a fuck, I will get closure
When I end your fucking life
Track Name: Out of Spite
Bored of the anger
Frustration burns all the time
Don't care about this shit
So hateful can't help feeling blind
Chip on my shoulder
Too stubborn to realise
That we're just getting older
Even the strongest flame dies

Sometimes it's hard to forget
But I had to move on from this
Hate is addictive
But it don't mean shit

All of the snakes behind my back
Couldn't give a shit you're wasting your time
Don't care who you think I was then
Get the fuck out of my life

Hatred towards me
When I know all my mistakes
Done feeling like I can't move forward
When something wants me to break

Got sick of feeling sorry for myself
Always pushing blame somewhere else
I will not let regret change me
I'm gonna push it aside
All that, all that we have is now
There's nothing left for you

Cherish the good things in your life
There is nothing left for you now you're dead

Hatred surrounds me
When I know all my mistakes
Done feeling like I can't move forward
When something wants me to break
Track Name: Parting Shots
Strange how time brings together
People who were in no way connected before
Now best friends or "best friends"
That really ain't that anymore
With loss comes a gain
And we have lost and gained a few
But for the ones who have come and gone
Least we know real friends stay true to their crew

No intentions just hanging about
Smoking weed and drinking like our houses had us all kicked out
One thing in common, the love for the music
Could've had a career but instead chose this

Time changes
How you feel
Now strangers
Left what's real

What's left to say?
You turned your back on your friends
I'm not bitter just can't believe
That this is how it ends

This is done now, there's nothing left
True friends behind me, and no regrets
We ain't a novelty, this should've been clear before
Maybe one day you can see, true friendship ain't nothing to ignore
But down, you've fucked your head for way too long
I hope you realise and start to blame yourself

Sell out on everything, only fooling yourself

You're weak and starved of independence
We don't need the likes of you

There's nothing left to say
You were the one who walked away
Nothing left to do
The blame rests with you

For all the times we had
For all the good times that we fucking had
For all the times we had, we're moving on now
And couldn't feel bad